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Looking to understand the Digital / CX hiring landscape?

When it comes to building relationships with potential and existing customers through digital innovation, the right candidate is critical. We realize that there are many components to finding the right talent here with the foremost being vision synergy. Our network has seen us support multiple corporations to find their CDO or Head of Digital / CX / UX. We have also supported them to build out their digital teams including mid-career layers. We have a strong network of bi-lingual talent with both local and international experience, people who live and breathe the ever-changing landscape of how technology engages key customer groups.  We understand how important this hire is. You can disrupt or be disrupted.

Developing your team within the Consulting Service industries?

Our portfolio of consulting clients is one of the largest in Japan and includes both major and boutique management consulting firms. We have seen a fast growing demand for talent within our consulting portfolio, and this is where the war on talent is really at its most fierce. With these searches, you need dedicated recruitment partners who specifically focus on a niche market and network. This is us, and we have experience on making impossible searches possible by working closely with our clients on what the market is looking like at any given moment.

Scaling up your IT & Data capabilities?

More than ever in today’s world, no matter what you are selling, you will have sales and marketing teams looking to reach out to customers through the internet. That’s why IT support for your business is absolutely critical. Your business is highly dependent on whether or not your customers are happy. Whether you are looking for professionals to harness the power of your data or a person to create first in class infrastructure, we understand the importance of finding the right professional to make sure the technology side of your business is running at its peak.

We have supported start-ups to build out their data and infrastructure capabilities as well as worked closely with multinational corporations to identify their next CIO or CTO.

Would you like to better understand the multifaceted Marketing & Strategy talent landscape?

You want your blueprint for achieving your business objectives in the best hands. Whether it is gaining an edge over your competitors, maximizing profit making potential, or optimizing internal resources, we know that finding the right mix of relevant personal passion and professional experience is very important in building a candidacy match that will highly benefit both the career of the right person for the job as well as the prospects of the company. Finding this match is an area we excel in and we have worked extensively supporting what is in most cases sensitive projects for clients searching for a General Manager, Business Unit Head, Marketing Director or Commercial Excellence / Corporate Strategy leader.


Entering the Japan market? Talk to us about Market Entry strategies.

The complexity of entering the Japan market means finding the right talent partner is critical. With unique regulations and talent challenges, we have experience in working hand in hand with our partners to navigate these potential potholes, ensuring as smooth a transition into the Japan market as possible. From information spanning market size, growth areas, talent pool, and other custom partnership arrangements, we are able to support any specific challenges that our clients face.

Trouble sourcing from competitors? Let us help with a tailored Market Map.

The online presence of Japanese talent is minuscule compared to other countries. Sourcing online will only yield less than 10% of the total available talent market. In order to find talent outside of what is available online to the public, you need to dig deep into target organizations and build out your own talent intel. We have the network to be able to do this. We have successfully built out comprehensive maps of our clients target companies to hire from, allowing them a full understanding of the talent available, and how their competitors are structured internally. The information we have sourced has been critical to our clients developing their current and future hiring strategy.

Building out a new business? Hear about our Contained models.

Similar to a retained service but on a larger scale. Building out teams and organizations requires a strong understanding of not just the position at hand but also nuances of issues such as budgeting and team dynamics. With our contained service, we consult with our clients on best approaches to simultaneously fill out multiple positions with a sense of purpose. What we create is a next-level engagement between HR and hiring managers.

Facing unique challenges for an important hire? Our Retained services are highly solution focused

The Business Innovation team at Titan Consulting are proud to have a great track record in providing retained services within our 5 pillars of Digital, Data, IT, Corporate Strategy and Management Consulting, including General Management and CEO searches. With over 20 years of combined experience in the industry, we have worked with a wide range of clients across various industries. Our approach to retained services is proactive, dedicated, and results-driven.
Our focus is on building long-term relationships with our clients, acting as an extension of their HR department, and helping them achieve their recruitment goals. We understand the importance of filling open positions with the right candidates and take a comprehensive and customized approach to each and every project we work on.
Our results speak for themselves. We have successfully placed a high number of qualified candidates in a variety of roles and have reduced the time-to-hire for our clients. Our clients consistently tell us that they appreciate our personalized approach, our large network of qualified candidates, and our focus on delivering results.
We have received numerous testimonials from satisfied clients, who have praised our dedication, expertise, and success in providing retained services for recruitment. One client stated, “The Business Innovation team provided us with a highly personalized and results-driven recruitment service. Their proactive approach, large network of qualified candidates, and focus on building long-term relationships helped us fill open positions quickly and with the best possible candidates.”
We are committed to providing the best possible recruitment services to our clients and to helping them achieve their recruitment goals. We believe that our great track record in retained services for recruitment speaks to our success and our commitment to delivering results.


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Market Map

Retained - Why Japan Boutique Agencies?

The Business Innovation team is a key pillar of the award-winning Titan Consulting group focusing on cross-industry recruitment in the hyper-growing worlds of Digital, IT, Data, Corporate Strategy, and Consulting Services.

Within those worlds we are experts in connecting our clients with the right talent and we are experts in connecting professionals with the right company. Our mission is to be the knowledgeable talent partners you can depend on without question.

We deeply understand not just our partners recruitment needs, but exactly what they do.


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Yebisu Garden Place Tower 17F,
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Tel: 03-4550-2512
License 13-ユ-306747

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