This is a question that has high pertinence to the Business Innovation team as our clients are investing in their data capability almost more than any other aspect of their business. In fact, hiring for business analyst and data analyst has both seen a rise of over 35% compared to 3 years ago.

A Business Analyst and a Data Analyst are both professionals who work with data and help organizations make informed decisions, but there are key differences between the two roles.

A Business Analyst primarily focuses on understanding the business requirements of an organization and finding solutions to business problems by leveraging data. They work to align technology and business strategies, and they often work closely with stakeholders to identify areas for improvement and implement changes.

A Data Analyst, on the other hand, focuses on the analysis and interpretation of data. They collect, process, and perform statistical analysis on large datasets, and use data visualization tools to present insights to stakeholders. They aim to help organizations make data-driven decisions and understand trends and patterns in their data.

In summary, while both roles use data, a Business Analyst focuses on the business and how data can help drive decision making, while a Data Analyst focuses on the analysis of data to uncover insights and patterns.

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