Benefits of Working with Us

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We’re not just recruiters, we’re your industry insiders. Our deep knowledge of data, digital, IT, and strategy guides us in building teams that transform, disrupt, and innovate.

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Forget trial and error. Our seasoned recruiters have solved your problems before you even knew they existed. We anticipate pitfalls, navigate detours, and deliver bulletproof hires.
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Skip the talent hunt. We’ve already done the legwork. Tap into our unrivaled network of bilingual talent and industry power players.

Who We Are

The Knowledgeable Talent Partner

The Business Innovation team is a key pillar of the award-winning Titan Consulting group focusing on cross-industry recruitment in the hyper-growing worlds of Digital, IT, Data, Corporate Strategy, and Consulting Services.

Within those worlds, we are experts in connecting our clients with the right talent and we are experts in connecting professionals with the right company. Our mission is to be the knowledgeable talent partner you can depend on without question.

We deeply understand not just our partners’ recruitment needs, but exactly what they do.

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