The difficulties of digital transformation and how to solve them

by | Feb 1, 2023 | Consulting

The pressure for businesses to embrace digital transformation continues to increase. Improving processes through using technology is vital to compete with new competitors. While nearly all companies understand the need for digital transformation, businesses must overcome many challenges to succeed.

Let’s explore some of the difficulties of digital transformation.

1. Resistance to change

Change is difficult as some staff and businesses want to avoid taking the risk of doing new things. Old systems will be changed, which can be problematic in the short term. Technology is reducing the barrier to entry for many industries, and the speed of change is increasing every year. Building a culture of accepting change is a challenge for many businesses.

2. Lack of IT skills

While the choice of technology is critical, finding the right staff to lead and implement digital transformation is more important. Many organizations need more staff with the skills and experience required to plan and execute digital transformation successfully. Therefore, building digital literacy throughout the organization is a critical challenge for businesses in 2023.

3. Management expectations

Management needs to understand that digital transformation might not have an immediate positive impact on their business. It can take many months and sometimes years to implement a digital transformation, and management needs to overcome unexpected challenges. Focusing on achieving small wins in the short term, which leads to the larger goal, will help keep organizational motivation high.

DX budget constraints

4. Budget constraints

Digital transformation budgets can be challenging to forecast. Even the best plans can result in unexpected costs, which can cause problems within an organization.

5. Poor strategy

Implementing new digital processes takes careful planning and execution. Many seemingly well thought strategies can fail due lack of understanding of the business’s constraints. Each company has different challenges to overcome to build and execute digital transformation.

6. Fast-changing environment

Technology changes quickly, and it can be overwhelming for many businesses. A lack of understanding of technology can result in over-engineering a problem.

How to make digital transformation more successful in 2023

Use agile processes

While the initial digital transformation strategy is essential, adapting your approach to the current situation is vital. The digital transformation strategy should involve responding to change and collaboration throughout the business.

DX agile management


Open communication throughout the business increases the success of the digital transformation. While the voices of IT staff are influential, management should also seek non-IT staff’s opinions. Supporting digital transformation throughout the company will make the process easier and more successful.

Do not overcomplicate the process

Understanding the right technology required to achieve the business’s goals is more important than chasing the latest technology.

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