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HR Iceberg: Unveiling the Depths of HR Strategy

Human Resources (HR) can be compared to an iceberg. What’s visible on the surface represents a fraction of the essential functions beneath.

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8 Steps to a Thriving Career in Solution Selling

The business world is constantly evolving, and solution selling has become essential for many organizations to succeed.

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10 Ways to Build a Career in Data Science

In the current era of information, data science stands out as a rapidly expanding and … Document Search …

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AI-Data Transformation Synergy: Challenges and Opportunities

In the dynamic realm of technology, the convergence of Artificial Intelligence and Data Transformation is …

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Data Transformation: The Foundation for Effective AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands as a beacon of innovation and progress in today’s rapidly advancing …

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From Theory to Practice: Understanding AI and Data Transformation

The synergy between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Transformation is revolutionizing industries around the globe. …

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A Complete Strategy for Interview Preparation

Securing a highly desirable position goes beyond possessing the right qualifications; using a strategic approach …

Transforming Leadership Through Technology: A Glimpse into the Next Generation of Leaders

In the dynamic leadership landscape, technology empowers leaders, transforming decision-making, communication, and collaboration. This aligns …

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Transforming Market Research Agencies into Knowledge Agencies

In today’s data-dominated business landscape, the importance of data providers cannot be overstated. However, the mere provision of …

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Navigating Transition: How to Address Interview Queries on Change Management

Introduction to the Question Change management and team alignment are critical elements in the landscape …

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Articulating Leadership: Crafting the Perfect Answer to ‘What’s Your Management Style’

Introduction to the Question When interviewed for leadership roles, answering the “What is your management …

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Navigating Japan’s Digital Landscape with KVA’s Chris Tilly

Understanding Japan’s unique digital ecosystem compared to the global context is both challenging and enlightening.  …

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GAB Test: A Deep Dive into Japan’s Recruitment Assessment

Introduction to GAB The Graduate Aptitude Battery, popularly known as GAB, is an essential tool …

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Six ways to establish an innovation framework across your business

To drive innovation, businesses should prioritize user-centric design, gain leadership support, integrate within the broader ecosystem, promote cross-functionality, provide focused training, and employ effective storytelling.

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Companies with innovative cultures have a big edge with generative AI

The business landscape is buzzing with the transformative potential of generative AI. But what sets top innovators apart in this realm? McKinsey’s latest deep-dive unveils the practices and strategies these frontrunners are using to leap ahead, emphasizing actionable insights for businesses keen on maximizing AI’s potential.

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Mastering Managerial Interviews: A Detailed Guide to Addressing Conflict Resolution

Introduction to the Question During interviews, responding adeptly to questions about conflict management can be …

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Japan Plans English-Ready Special Business Zones for Asset Management to Draw Overseas Firms

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced in New York, plans to boost Japan’s asset management sector by creating English-only special business zones. Aiming to attract global talent and strengthen Japan-US ties, this move positions Japan as a competitive investment hub.

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Why Japan is building its own version of ChatGPT

Japan is ushering in a new era of AI with its version of ChatGPT, aiming to better capture the intricacies of its language and culture. Spearheaded by tech giants like NEC and SoftBank, this initiative hopes to enhance global collaborations and scientific research.

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Japan to let startups sell digital tokens to venture capital funds

Japan is gearing up to revolutionize its startup sector by enabling fundraising through cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, potentially opening new avenues for venture capital firms from 2024.

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The Generational Divide, as Gen Z and Millennials Embrace AI for Business

A new horizon for business innovation is unfolding, with Gen Z and Millennials at the forefront of advocating for AI integration, according to a recent survey by Adobe.

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Uber Eats is reportedly developing an AI chatbot that will offer recommendations, speed up ordering

Uber Eats is reportedly developing an AI chatbot to enhance user experiences by offering personalized food recommendations and speeding up the ordering process.

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Google Meet’s new AI will be able to go to meetings for you

Imagine an AI that can take real-time notes and even attend a meeting on your behalf, ensuring you never miss out on crucial points of discussion. These features not only streamline meetings but pave the way for a more productive and interconnected work environment.

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Digital clones, Vocaloids emerging in Japan

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Better with Age: The Rising Importance of Older Workers

By 2030, older workers will dominate with 150 million jobs globally. Japan, with its rapidly aging population, stands at the forefront of this shift. Bain’s analysis offers insights on harnessing the strengths of this demographic, especially pertinent for Japan’s evolving workforce landscape.

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How Consumer Companies in Japan Use Martech: A Comparative Analysis of Coca-Cola, LVMH, L’Oréal, Shiseido, and Coach

Leading consumer brands Coca-Cola, LVMH, L’Oréal, Shiseido, and Coach adapt and innovate in Japan, blending technological advances with deep cultural understanding to engage the sophisticated Japanese market.

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At the Top, It’s All about Teamwork

Discover the five key behaviors that make executive teams high-performing and how they can transform leadership effectiveness.

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What Does It Actually Take to Build a Data-Driven Culture?

An insightful Harvard Business Review article sheds light on the first two years of a new data program at Kuwait’s Gulf Bank. It reveals vital lessons on initiating a new culture, engaging everyone, prioritizing data quality, and the courage required to persevere.

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How does generative AI learn? Japan prepares disclosure rules

The Japanese government is crafting guidelines urging businesses to disclose data types used in AI training, aiming to reduce biases. These non-legally binding norms will align with best practices, and Japan will establish certification to ensure adherence.

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Japan workers are shifting from lifetime employment, LinkedIn’s country head says

Wakana Tanaka, LinkedIn Japan’s first female country head, emphasizes the need for a shift towards a skills-based labor market and adaptation to changing worker values to address Japan’s persistent gender inequality, supported by government reskilling initiatives and a move away from traditional lifetime employment.

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No longer a ‘catastrophe,’ Japan’s cybersecurity could still improve

Japan’s Port of Nagoya faced a ransomware attack, highlighting an increase in cyber threats across the country. Despite efforts to improve cybersecurity, challenges remain, particularly for smaller businesses and outdated technology systems.

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How Consulting Companies are Leveraging ChatGPT to Serve Their Clients

Consulting firms are leveraging ChatGPT to enhance data analysis, improve client communication, and innovate traditional service offerings.

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Discussing Japan’s Market Entry Ecosystem with our Martech and Greentech Leaders

Japanese firms are increasingly targeting global markets, buoyed by advancements in carbon capture, battery technologies, …

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5 Strategies For Implementing AI Technology In Healthcare

ChatGPT recently aced the U.S. medical licensing exam and is revolutionizing healthcare processes. Dive into how AI is poised to reshape the medical world and enhance the patient-doctor experience.

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Will AI cause job displacement or will it be catalyst for job creation?

The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized various sectors and triggered an intense debate: …

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Incorporating AI into Business Models: A Comprehensive Guide for Presidents and General Managers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as one of the most transformative forces in today’s business world.

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Seeking A Better Business Philosophy: Silicon Valley Meets A Japanese Mindset

An interesting article by NTT CEO Abhijit Dubey regarding the value of the Japanese approach to business compared to Silicon Valley. He argues convincingly for a future of business success defined by this harmonious fusion. It’s an enlightening read that is certain to broaden your perspective on the dynamics of global business.

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Cost of living: Japanese workers are finally seeing their pay rise

Japan wages rose by 1.8% in May, the fastest pace in 28 years is an encouraging sign but still lag the inflation so real wages are falling. To attract talent in a tight labor market we expect further pressure to raise wages.

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Why Japan is lagging behind in generative A.I. — and how it can create its own large language models

Generative AI is reshaping global economies, with an expected boost of nearly $7 trillion to global GDP. Yet, Japan, one of the world’s tech powerhouses, struggles to keep pace. Discover why in this in-depth analysis from CNBC.

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The HR Perspective: Comparing Global and Domestic Companies in Japan

Japan’s corporate environment offers a fascinating mix of traditional business norms and international practices. This …

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Japan to open up Apple and Google app stores to competition

Exciting news in the digital world! New government regulations are set to open up the smartphone app stores of tech behemoths Apple and Google to foster healthy competition.

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Vimeo intros a trio of AI-powered editing features

There are less and less excuses for not producing video content. Vimeo is adding AI to remove the dreaded ahs” and “ums”, helping produce scripts and even a teleprompter so anyone can setup a video studio.

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The Japanese Brands Exciting Us Right

In this article, Eat Creative highlights a select few Japanese brands that offer invaluable learnings for global brand and marketing leaders. Gain tactical insights and fuel your evolving strategies with their success stories. Join us on this inspiring journey!

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Exploring the Vibrant Startup Scene in Fukuoka: Insights from Pablo Riveros, CEO of

In this exclusive interview, we had the privilege of sitting down with Pablo Riveros, the …

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Apple’s Mixed-Reality Headset, Vision Pro, Is Here

A huge amount of buzz around the Apple Vision Pro, we have read lots of articles and this one from WIRED is one of the best!

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17 Years of the Most Innovative Companies

Check out the latest BCG report on the 50 Most Innovative Companies in 2023.

The graph charting the rankings since 2005 is very illuminating!

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Bottlenecks of Market Entry in Japan: Understanding the Challenges and Leveraging Opportunities

Buoyed by recent investments from Warren Buffett in Japanese trading companies, a weak yen, and …

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The Power of Face-to-Face Meetings: A Game-Changer for Recruiters

In today’s interconnected world, technology has revolutionized the way we communicate, enabling recruiters to connect …

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60% of Smaller Companies Boost Salaries in Japan

Exciting findings from a recent survey conducted by the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry!

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Unveiling the Essence of IT: Exploring the World of Information Technology

In today’s technologically-driven world, the term “IT” has become pervasive, yet its true significance often remains elusive. In this article, we embark on a journey to unravel the essence of Information Technology (IT) and delve into its multifaceted nature.

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人間味の重要性: 優秀な人材を獲得するために対面式面接を復活させよう


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Netflix and Amazon addiction turns into ‘digital deficit’ and hassle for the yen

Interesting article on how the popularity of overseas online streaming services can impact the already weak yen.

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Crafting an Exceptional IT Resume: Mastering the Art of Presenting Your Skills and Experience

In today’s competitive job market, a well-crafted CV is essential for professionals looking to secure …

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Unveiling the Dual Nature of Cybersecurity: Defending and Attacking for a Secure Digital World

In today’s interconnected world, where digital systems play a pivotal role in our personal and professional lives, the importance of cybersecurity cannot be overstated. It is a multifaceted discipline that encompasses both defensive and offensive aspects.

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Scientists use brain scans and AI to ‘decode’ thoughts

Experienced neuroscientist and co-author of groundbreaking study on mind reading through brain scans and AI modeling.

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Leaked Google engineer memo warns that Big Tech could lose AI race to the little guys

Tech companies spent years developing AI in a behind-the-scenes arms race, but open source developers are quickly proving capable of catching up.

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How Google Docs Proved the Power of Less

Great lessons to be learnt in this article…especially for Japanese applications which can be overly complicated.

Exploring the Distinctions: Data Governance, Data Management, Data Engineering, and the Role of ChatGPT

In today’s data-driven world, organizations constantly strive to leverage their data assets for competitive advantage. …

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How Midsize Companies Can Drive Digital Transformation

Insight article from Harvard Business Review introducing 5 keys for planning successful change to drive digital transformation.

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How a Legacy Business Should Undertake Digital Transformation

Potential lessons for Japanese companies in this informative article!

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Advantages and disadvantages of joining a management consulting firm

Are you looking for a career that can provide you with exposure to different industries, …

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Japan, Ukraine agree to promote govt. digitalization

Japan and Ukraine have signed an agreement to collaborate on the digitalization of their government operations. This article explores the details of the agreement and what it means for the future of digital government operations in Japan and Ukraine.

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Japan aims to draw 100 tril. yen foreign investment, digital nomads

Japan plans to attract $750bn of foreign investment and more foreign talent, including digital nomads, as part of its drive to boost economic growth and global competitiveness.

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How to prepare the correct mindset for a case study interview

Are you eyeing a career in management consulting? If yes, then you must be familiar …

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Buffett and Other Billionaires Agree: Tokyo’s Worth Revisiting

A sobering but optimistic article from Gearoid Reidy on how far Tokyo has fallen as a financial city. Lets hope Warren Buffett is right!

What Adobe Firefly’s New AI Tools Mean for Creators

Easy to understand article explaining how AI is lower the barrier to professional video production. Rather than spending months learning video editing Adobe is making easier for anyone to get their message across professionally.

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Why the next big trend in management consulting is helping companies to outsource their operations

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant disruption to businesses worldwide, with many companies struggling to …

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Why Translating Emails from English to Japanese Using Only AI is a Terrible Idea

Very thoughtful post from Japonica Publications explaining the current limitations of AI. Expect these problems to reduce over time though as translation models are making fast progress.

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7 tips and tricks to get the most out of network events

In person events are back in force in Tokyo. Despite the growth of AI the importance of human connection is vital. Here are some tips to approach events.

How the pandemic impacted the world of management consulting

Despite initial expectations that the pandemic would reduce demand for management consulting services, the opposite occurred, with a 4.1% growth in the global consulting market in 2020.

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Driving Digital Transformation: Essential Tips For Elevating Digital IQ

What is digital IQ and how can it can be raised within an organization?

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Japan Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2023

Great summary on digital marketing in Japan.

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Breaking down the future trends of Experience Design

In today’s podcast, Anthony and Luke discuss the future trends of Experience Design. Over the …

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Business Process Outsourcing Market size is expected to reach $49.2 billion by 2028.

The effects of corona on work processes continue to have long reaching impacts.

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Goldman Sachs: AI could eventually increase annual global GDP by 7% over 10 years

Goldman Sachs: AI could eventually increase annual global GDP by 7% over 10 years

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The Importance of the Human Touch: Bringing Back the F2F Interview to Attract Top Talent

As the worst of the Covid pandemic fades away, many companies continue to rely solely …

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A Japanese conveyor-belt sushi chain will now be using AI-powered cameras to fight back against ‘sushi terrorism’: report

A novel use of AI to counter “sushi terrorism”

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OpenAI says 80% of workers could see their jobs impacted by AI. These are the jobs most affected

The explosion in work tools using AI is exploding, learn which jobs are likely to be most impacted.

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How is MarTech affecting the Customer Experience from a digital marketing perspective

MarTech is a term that refers to the combination of marketing and technology. The modern …

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Final Fantasy 15 director is now gamifying Japan’s business economy with the metaverse

If Japan can harness the vast talent pool for digital transformation the impact could be massive.

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Japan’s workers get biggest pay rises in decades as inflation surges

Inflation is changing the dynamic of wage negotiations as Japan adapt to inflation.

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How do UX (User Experience) and CX (Customer Experience) differ, and how do they connect to strengthen a brand?

UX and CX are becoming increasingly important as brands search for a way to stand …

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Experts think AI could bring on the next Industrial Revolution — and some even think it could trigger nuclear war

The rise of ChatGPT is making AI much more mainstream and sparking debating of how the technology will transform society.

A somewhat dark but interesting article.

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Why Non-Linear Career Paths Are The Future

As we know lifetime employment at a single job is largely a thing of the past. While some employers may frown upon non-linear careers, those attitudes are quickly changing. Flexibility and diverse skill are increasingly valued.

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What are the main challenges of digital transformation in Japan?

In today’s podcast, Anthony and Luke discuss the main challenges of digital transformation in Japan. …

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What is Society 5.0?

In the information society (Society 4.0), cross-sectional sharing of knowledge and information was not enough, and cooperation was difficult.

What is Society 5.0?

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Spain approves paid menstrual leave, first country in Europe to do so

The trend towards fairer and more inclusive workplaces is getting stronger.

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Four-Day Workweeks May Be The Future For Startups, One Pilot Program Suggests

Work styles continue to evolve following the pandemic, one popular is the four day work week as staff look to improve work-life balance.

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How to explain multiple job changes in interviews

Constant career changes, while becoming more common in Japan, still unfortunately holds with it a stigma of unreliability. So what are the best ways to navigate the challenge of explaining multiple career changes in an interview?

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Where Real Wages Rose & Where They Stagnated [Infographic]

Inflation vs wage growth is increasingly becoming an issue for global workers. The difference between countries real wage growth is quite vast over the past 30 years.

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Top 10 In-Demand Data Science Tools in 2023

Data analytics is becoming more vital and accessible. Which is your favourite tool?

, data-trends technologydata-analyst data-visualizations
The digital marketing pathway approach

Through digitalization getting your company’s message out to the marketplace has never been easier. Online …

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Will Artificial Intelligence Change The World Of Digital Marketing Forever?

ChatGPT has turbo charged interest and access to AI this year.

Learn how AI could change digital marketing in this Forbes article.

, digital-trends technologyartificial-intelligence digital-transformation mobile-marketing
Modern Marketing Dilemmas: How should marketers stand up to recession?

Three well explained steps to build long term value in a recession.

consumerbusiness consumer
The difficulties of digital transformation and how to solve them

The pressure for businesses to embrace digital transformation continues to increase. Improving processes through using technology is vital to compete with new competitors. While nearly all companies understand the need for digital transformation, businesses must overcome many challenges to succeed.

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Why a boutique recruitment firm outperforms global retained firms consistently in Japan

Retained and contingent services are both recruitment services, but they differ in the way they …

Career path in management consulting firms

      Read more here – …

The Real Reasons For Big Tech Layoffs At Google, Microsoft, Meta, And Amazon

This fascinating article explains the rationale behind recruitment decisions within the biggest technology companies.

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The Advantages of Market Mapping

Hiring from direct competitors is the eternal challenge facing talent acquisition professionals and hiring managers. Finding …

The Difference Between CIO and CTO

CIOs and CTOs both play a valuable role in improving enterprise IT systems and creating …

The Difference Between Customer Success and Customer Support

The difference between customer support and customer success has sparked a number of lively discussions. The roles share similar skill …

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The Difference Between Program Management and Project Management

Programs and projects are at the heart of many business endeavors. To use a metaphor, …

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What is the difference between a Business Analyst and a Data Analyst

This is a question that has high pertinence to the Business Innovation team as our …

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Global IPO market went from record-breaking to full-on abating

While global IPO volumes fell by 45% in 2022, Asian volumes took the smallest hit accounting for 63% of deals and 67% of funds raised in 2022. Read more on the link below:

The Health Care Metaverse Is More Than a Virtual Reality

While virtual reality and metaverse gaming might not have taken off as expected there are many more exciting applications which are gathering steam.

digital-trendshealthcare metaverse
A third of young Americans consult TikTok before seeing a doctor

TikTok has exploded over the past year and will grow in influence. Creating compelling video content should be priority for many brands in 2023.

Omnichannel vs. multichannel: how to know the difference

If you’re in commerce or digital marketing, you’ve probably heard of omnichannel and multichannel. And since both involve using more than one marketing channel to engage customers, it might be hard to tell the difference if you’re not an expert.

Seven Biopharma Trends to Watch in 2023

Biopharma is a fast changing, this article explains seven trends to look for in 2023.

Great lessons from the pioneer of online shopping

Meet Michael Aldrich, the godfather of online shopping

consumerconsumer online-shopping
Top 100 consumer goods companies of 2022

A great snapshot of how the top consumer companies are faring with increased consumer demand in 2022.

Finding the Edge for Competitor Hiring

How a market map can help solve your hiring problems in relation to hiring from direct competitors

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Queryable Encryption – A potential defense against Data leaks

After years of data breaches, leaks, and hacks, MongoDB announced a feature that will allow database users to search their data while it remains encrypted.

data-trendscybersecurity security
Ninth Circuit concluded that data scraping public websites is not unlawful

hiQ Labs v Linkedin case brief

The HR Iceberg

Overview of what HR does.

Japan’s consumer prices post biggest jump in over seven years

Japan’s core consumer inflation rose above the central bank’s target however, the overall rate of price has remained modest compared with other advanced economies.

Why do we fear digital transformation?

Fear of Digital Transformation: Why Do We Feel It, and How to Overcome It?

How Coca-Cola is using data to slash food waste in JP

Usage of data and technology allowed Coca-cola to forecast demand making it possible to extend shelf life.

, consumer technologycoca-cola food-wastage
AI startup offers deepfake wardrobe for meetings

TOKYO — With video conferencing becoming an essential work tool amid the coronavirus pandemic, a Tokyo-based startup has developed a way to digitally make users look professional even when they had just rolled out of bed.

technologycovid-19 deepfake video-call

Pharma’s ‘conservative nature’ dooms digital product launches

Reasons why pharma’s digital product launches fail

“Womenomics” can drive economic recovery in the developed work

The Japanese government has finally embraced a concept called “Womenomics,” the idea, supported by economic research, that women’s advancement will improve the economy as a whole.

, global-trends japan-trendswomen-empowerment
コンサル、DXで需要増 2022年日経・独社調査

Browser In The Browser: A devastating new phishing technique

How Browser in the Browser (BITB), a new phishing technique, works and the best ways to avoid it.

, general technologyanti-phishing cyberattacks cybersecurity phishing security
Summary of SNS users in Japan and the world

Numbers of SNS users in Japan and the world

, , digital-trends global-trends japan-trendsfacebook instagram twitter
Are there enough remote jobs for everyone who wants one?

Despite an abundance of open positions, the number of workers interested in remote jobs is outpacing the number of such available roles.

, general global-trendsjobs worklife
Project Iris: Google’s new AR headset

Google is now working on AR headsets, hoping to ship the product by 2024.

technologyar google vr
iOS Marketing and Attribution One Year After Apple’s AppTrackingTransparency

How shifting mobile marketing toward a privacy-centric model has impacted marketers and campaigns.

, , , consumer digital-trends global-trends technologymobile-marketing

Japan looks to accelerate vaccine research and development with new government body

The Japanese government’s plan on accelerating its vaccine research and development aiming to contribute to the international community.

, japan-trends life-sciencecovid-19 scarda vaccine
Differentiating between sustainable and smart cities

Insights on the variance between smart and sustainable cities and why the differentiation matters.

, general global-trendseconomy environment sustainability
Why Coca-Cola’s in-game flavor announcement validates Fortnite as both an advertising and metaverse platform

Coca-Cola has used Fortnite, an online gaming platform, to launch their new flavor. This move validates the platform as not only a space for gaming but also advertising.

generalfortnite gaming metaverse nft
Deloitte takes on the challenge of reform with AI as an engine

An interview of Masahiro Ohira from Analytics & Cognitive (A&C) about the use of AI in companies and industries and the vision of A&C.


5 Ways Digital Health is Reshaping Patient Care in 2022

How digital technologies are reshaping the healthcare environment for everyone to live their healthiest lives possible.

, , digital-trends life-science technologypractice-management technology
Five Must-Know 2022 Hiring Trends

These 5 hiring trends promise to shape hiring this year. Candidates who adapt to these practices now can set themselves up for better compensation and career satisfaction in 2022 and beyond.


global-trendscyberattacks cybersecurity cyberspace
Why the next tech revolution will be about impact

How the next technology revolution will Impact our future.

Five consulting trends to watch in 2022

What the year has in store for consulting firms and their clients, and the key drivers of demand.

Ukraine War Tests the Power of Tech Giants

subscription needed

technologyukraine war
Consumer prices are rising fast, and healthcare isn’t far behind

What healthcare services organizations do to address their increasing cost burden.

Remote systemization of Japan’s world-class perinatal medical technology.

Melody International built a telemedicine platform using an IoT fetal heart rate monitor to alleviate specialist shortage issues.

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How Remote Workers Are Secretly Juggling Multiple Jobs

With the acceleration of remote work options, many employees secretly work two (or more) full-time jobs at once. Although they made more money, the strategy brings with it significant tradeoffs, including mental health.

generalcoronavirus covid-19 mental-health remote-work
Products which will be covered by insurance for fertility drugs

The Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare approved 16 products that will be covered by insurance for fertility drugs.

life-sciencedrugs fertility insurance
Digital transformation: 5 future and 3 fading trends for 2022

Insights on what Digital Trend becomes more prevalent and what’s not in 2022

digital-trendsautomation cybersecurity remote-work sustainability
Tips for breaking your design bias

Tips for overcoming your design biases from Jay Demetillo, Grab`s Lead Designer.

digital-trendsgrab ux-designer
Companies have started hiring people for the Metaverse

Companies like Nike, Disney, Gucci and Balenciaga are hiring many positions for the Metaverse.

technologyfacebook metaverse

Mark Cuban Opens Online Pharmacy To Provide Affordable Generic Drugs

By cutting out middlemen and purchasing directly from drug manufacturers,
Mark Cuban’s online pharmacy can offer more than 100 generic drugs at an affordable price.

, consumer life-sciencepharma
Top 10 Global Consumer Trends for 2022

Article is in Japanese.

, consumer global-trendsconsumer hollistic-wellness
6 Practical Actions for Building Cloud Talent

Six practical actions that can help companies build a top cloud-talent bench and operating model.

interview-supportcloud-talent cloud-transformation
Netflix’s Lessons from Experimentations

9 Important lessons Netflix learnt in experimentations

, general technologyexperimentation netflix
Predictions for the consumer products industry

Latest industry analyst predictions and challenges for the consumer products industry

, , consumer global-trends technologybrand-management cx data-visualizations digital-transformation sustainability
Agile Business Transformation in Japan

account needed

japan-trendsjapan operating-model
7 Digital Transformation in Healthcare in 2022

Concrete examples of Digital Transformations which completely reshaped the healthcare industry.

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UX, Design, And Marketing Highlights

The top trends we can expect in terms of UX, design, and marketing in 2022.

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Consumer Trends 2022: The Development of Omnichannel

Changes in consumption trends after the pandemic.

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Digital Consumer Trends 2021 in Japan

Summary of Japan digital consumer trends.

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Tech Advancement with Groceries

How the grocery industry is transforming in profound ways in many areas: Artificial Intelligence, ethical eating, foodservice at retail, retail operations, shopper engagement, store experience, supply chain and sustainability.

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5 Steps To Choose Great Data Visualizations for Data Science Projects

Tips and resources to help you choose perfect data visualizations for your projects.

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Empathy: The Most Important Leadership Skill According To Research

Significant constructive effects of empathy

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2021 Global Business Representives

An interview of those who changed global business in 2022

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JR East aims to introduce one-man operation on major lines in the Tokyo metropolitan around 2025 to 2030.

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Decoding the Digital Talent Challenge

Digital workers’ attitudes about remote work, job change, and what their ideal workplace should offer.

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Choice between ‘Great Attrition’ or ‘Great Attraction’

How companies can turn the Great Resignation to Great Attraction.

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Apple Watchの心電図による無料診察を開始した病院

New Heart Watanabe Institute started a “free online outpatient service” where doctors will read the ECG measured with Apple Watch in detail.

7 Differences Between a Data Analyst and a Data Scientist

Differences between a data analyst and a data scientist: typical background, what it is like working in these fields, what skills and tools needed, how to choose which one works best for you.

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Explanation on what a virtual network is and how to specifically build a virtual network.

Japan Needs A Digital Overhaul

How local business leaders are stepping up to adopt digital operating models.

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Overlooking advantages of transference in digital advertising

How transference works in digital advertising.

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A lawsuit under Japan’s punctual rail system

A Japanese train driver is suing his employer after having his wage reduced by 56 yen for causing a brief delay.

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5 Foods You Eat Everyday Could Disappear Because Of Climate Change

Foods that we might not be able to enjoy in the next few years due to climate change.

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6 change management mistakes to avoid

Reasons why change efforts often fail.

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Sustainable events of Rakuten’s flea market app “Rakuma”

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2022 10 Digital Healthcare UX Trends

What digital trends in connection with UX design in healthcare we can foresee and what are some problems in healthcare that can be solved with UX.

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China and US pursuing radically divergent strategies for digital transformation

The difference of how the US and China are pursuing different strategies for digital transformation across industry, government, and society.

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Data Management Is Becoming Less Complex

Recent innovations in the world of data have made it possible to manage data more easily and efficiently

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Interbrand Best Global Brands 2021

The analysis of Global Brands and Japanese Brands

2021 MedTech Visionaries Awards Winners

Companies who win the 2021 MEDTECH VISIONARIES AWARDS

Statistics of COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance Rates

Vaccine vaccination status for each country

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Big tech has big designs on a big cloud

Technology industry executives promote the idea that the U.S. government should invest in a “national research cloud” while some experts argued that the plan for a national cloud would help big tech companies consolidate power.

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Top CX Priority: Improving customer data management

Businesses intend to improve management of customer data as their top CX priority after recognizing that it helps creating impressive experiences for customers.

U.S. Digital Health Industry Funding Exceeds Last Year’s Total

Funding information of digital health companies in 2021.

What is Brand Experience?

Brand Experience: What is it, Who manage it and How to create memorable brand experience?

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New research shows that small changes in star ratings can drive explosive growth for products

How online feedback influences sales.

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The Digital Therapeutics Market Is Propelled By Increasing Use Of Healthcare Apps

Description and evaluation of the global digital therapeutic market from 2015-2020.

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With The Marketplace for Talent Has Shifted. Don’t Overlook Those Who Stay.

Four steps for leaders can take to best navigate the great resignation.

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Building a tech-services ecosystem to deliver products

Rethinking how they engage with their vendors is important for IT firms who focused on both cost reduction and value creation.

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what is the background of the growing shortage of human resources?

Reasons why the shortage of human resources has become so serious.

Four Winning Patterns of Digital Transformation

Four patterns for companies to win Digital Transformation

AI is smartly shaping our cities

How AI is transforming the way we live, work and socialize.

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Realize a prediction platform construction by analysis and machine learning of about 700,000 vending machines

Coca Cola adopt Google Cloud as a data analysis and machine learning platform for streamlining the installation and management of new vending machines.

Cheetos’ CM strategy that significantly increased sales

Content of Cheetos’ TV commercial called “Can’t Touch This” that attracted great attention leading to a big sales in 2020

Many workers want to continue remote work even with salary cuts and reduced leave

Americans are willing to take pay cuts to keep working from home.

Big Pharma sets ambitious diversity goals to ensure ‘pipeline’ of talent

Global pharma and biotech companies’ diversity policies

IQVIA launches AI-powered medical information contact centre

IQVIA launched AI-powered medical information contact centre expecting to improve the patient and HCP experience and strengthen brand loyalty.

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Ai Palette raises $4.4M to help companies react faster to consumer trends

Features and benefits of Ai Palette’s first product, Foresight Engine.

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5 startups that will help make our world greener

Introduction to five sustainability startups that surely make our world greener with their new technologies and services.

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RIP ping-pong. The era of wacky office perks is dead

What young workers want from their employers.

What is THE MODEL? By Salesforce

Introduction to THE MODEL: What THE MODEL is, Features of THE MODEL, How THE MODEL works and advantages of THE MODEL.

IT hiring in global pharma industry rises 2.6% in July 2021

Pharma IT hiring activity in July 2021

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List of the best questions to ask during an interview

Mental health is the next big workplace issue

Employees’ mental health: Why it matters, How employers can help

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China Is Still the World’s Factory—And It’s Designing the Future With AI

China is setting itself up to be a leader not only in how much it manufactures, but also in how intelligently it does it.

The Future of Digital Consumer Experiences

What businesses must consider and adapt in order to continue to thrive in this “new normal.”

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Pharma’s shift towards a circular economy

Going green in the sustainability trifecta of the planet, profit and people will allow companies to improve their bottom line along and view sustainability as an opportunity, not a cost.

You Don’t Need to Meet Every Qualification to Apply for a Job

Reasons why you should apply for the job despite not meeting all requirements.

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